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lean six sigma strategy

 Lean Six Sigma Improvement Strategy

A three-pronged strategy involving System + Technology + People is deployed to eliminate waste with the customer value is given priority and appropriate IT technology such ERP or MRP II is chosen to link up information and material flow.

system technology people = waste elimination

System Level Loading with Balanced Flow Total Productive Maintenance Pull Demand with Kanban Six Sigma Quality
Technology SMED Small Lot Size Cellular Layout Poka-Yoke
People Standardized Work Visual Management Good Housekeeping Employee Involvement
Customer's Value Voice of the Customer Value Stream Map Motion and Time Study Lean Accounting

 Example: LeanSigma X-Plan (Manufacturing)

LeanSigma X-Plan, a seamless integration of Lean and Six Sigma Improvement Cross Plan used by Lean Sigma Institute. LeanSigma X-Plan combines the speed and quality of both Lean and Six Sigma to achieve business process full optimization. Only a fast and responsive process is capable of achieving high quality, and only a high quality process can sustain high velocity.

In a nutshell, LeanSigma X-Plan is today's most powerful method for reducing lead time and variation in one coordinated initiative.

LeanSigma X-Plan consists of 16 main modules grouped under four categories to support the strategy of total elimination of wastes.

leansigma x-plan

 The advantages for using LeanSigma X-Plan?

  • Achieve process full optimization
  • Eliminate wastes
  • Reduce inventory
  • Reduce lead time
  • Increase throughput
  • Reduce defect level
  • Increase time to market response
  • Improve process and product robustness
  • More...

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